Our Processes

The Acclaimed Urban Process

Urban follows a strict methodology and quality assurance process to ensure success and desirable results on every project. The Company’s experienced leadership team ensures that delivery meets market needs and fits within agreed upon cost and time schedules.

This Process allows Urban to offer clients a fully integrated methodology that delivers results in all sectors of the market. This approach and expertise covers:


Urban begins each project comprehensively with the Planning phase. The company implements:

• Land Prospection & Site Amalgamation
• Real Estate Market overview study
• Project Feasibility, Analysis & Budget
• Project Risk Analysis & Bank Financing
• Consultation with Owners on Key Sites
• Future Urban Growth Analysis & Masterplans


Strategic acquisition is one of the company’s major strength’s, with a long-history of desirably located properties. This includes:
• Preliminary Design
• Collaboration with local and state government-RMS, SW, LPI
• Presentation to investment committee
• Joint Venture & Capital Investment programs
• Financial negotiation


The Design Phase sees the successful design team achieve innovative solutions and maximise the value of each asset by:
• Co-ordinating with Construction Consultants
• Environmental Sustainability
• Accessibility
• Safety/Security
• Functionality & Cost Effectiveness
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Productivity
• Designing according to demographic demand
• Urban Planning

Sales and Marketing

As a vital part of Urban’s approach to business, a strong market orientation enables the company to respond and deliver to emerging and shifting desires and trends of consumers. This business function focus on:

• Offering and scanning for market opportunities
• Content
• Campaign and data gathering for presales
• Demand servicing
• Professional Negotiations & Contracts
• Ongoing service and follow-up


Urban strives to meet and set high benchmarks that drive the company’s success, especially in the final phase of the Process. This proven process includes:
• Procurement
• Programming
• Resource management
• Site Safety
• Demolition & Recycling
• Financial Control & Progress Payment Scheduling
• Quality Control & Post Construction Service
• Fully Insured Works
• Environmental and Risk management